Avoiding Foot Pain

Top Tips for Avoiding Foot Pain While Pregnant

Pregnancy affects every part of the body, including the feet, which become susceptible to a wide variety of (sometimes) permanent issues. The good news is that taking the right steps can help expectant mothers avoid some, if not all, of these permanent problems. Keep reading to learn about avoiding foot pain during pregnancy.

Foot Pain During Pregnancy

Because of physical changes such as increased blood pressure, hormonal changes, weight gain, the shifting of balance and gait, and fluid retention, feet go through a series of changes throughout the course of the pregnancy. These changes, if not appropriately compensated for, can lead to painful, permanent conditions:

  • Heel Pain
  • Heel Spurs
  • Bunions
  • Hammertoe
  • Flat or Fallen Arches

Preventative Measures While Pregnant

Pregnancy needs to be treated as a transitory, progressive process that requires preventative measures for a short period of time. Unless a licensed physician says otherwise, once the pregnancy is over, the dangers to the feet are over, and the preventative measures may be retired.

1. Always Wear Shoes: The ligaments in the feet stretch and should be supported with sneakers or a foot orthoses during the entire course of the pregnancy. This helps to avoid flat or collapsing arches and a variety of other conditions.

2. Reduce Physical Stress: A change in the workout regime can help reduce the amount of stress the feet are under. Replace high-impact aerobics, running, and the stairmaster with low-impact aerobics, walking, and water exercises for avoiding foot pain.

3. Avoid Heels: A high heel will cause all of the weight to slide forward and rest on the toes and balls of the feet, leading to conditions that may last after pregnancy.

4. Stay Elevated: Feet, especially during pregnancy, can become swollen, hot, and tired, leading to the need for rest. Foot elevation can reduce pressure while providing a much needed break.

5. Get a Massage: Professional masseuses know how to provide safe, balanced massage for tired, pregnant feet. Massage has many benefits, including the promotion of healing for muscles and soft tissue through enhanced circulation.

Consult the Experts on Avoiding Foot Pain

Pregnant women should always consult their physicians before trying any treatment, including the suggested tips listed here. For an expert exam and consultation, provided by a caring, licensed physician with years of experience, contact Michigan Podiatry to schedule an appointment.

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