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Southfield – Livonia – Novi, MI
If you’re interested in improving how your feet feel and look, then Dr. Neal Mozen and his team of podiatric surgeons at Foot Healthcare Associates may have the answer for you.
Dr. Mozen is a well-known Hour Detroit “Top Doc” who has been serving the Detroit area for the past 25 years. Relieving foot and ankle pain is what he and his partners do best. Healthy feet are your key to an active and healthy lifestyle!
Dr. Mozen has refined a number of surgical techniques and procedures to correct bunion deformities (including the new “tight rope” procedure), he utilizes small-incision arthroscopic procedures to treat ankle and foot pain, he specializes in techniques to resolve heel pain, and he’s able to improve foot function and performance with precision custom orthotic therapy. He has been featured on TV and in print because of the unique services he provides.
Dr. Mozen has been the principal investigator in five important diabetic ulcer research studies in the past four years.
Having a team of physicians — including Dr. Thomas Belken, Dr. Latasha Walters, Dr. Bryan West, and Dr. Laal Zada — gives this practice the expertise and resources to provide their patients with the most advanced equipment and procedures. Some of the doctors specialize in trauma/fracture care and flat foot reconstruction; others specialize in diabetic foot care and limb salvage. The doctors all use PRP (platelet rich plasma) to help resolve chronic tendon problems and “shockwave” to relieve heel pain.
The surgeons at FHA provide their patients with a first-of-its-kind advanced technology to treat thick unattractive toenails.
The doctors at Foot Healthcare Associates collaborate with the area’s most exceptional primary care physicians and specialists, and they are affiliated with most area hospitals. These doctors truly embrace the “team” concept to make sure their patients are getting the best care.

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