Tired Feet – Sore Feet

Tired feet are a symptom of many medical conditions of the foot and ankle including things like PTTD, Flatfoot, and Plantar Fasciitis.  Deformities in foot structure like a flat foot or high-arch can put extra stress on the foot, ultimately leading to generalized muscle fatigue in the feet.

tired feet

Our feet are used often throughout each day as we put constant pressure on the feet.  It is vital that you understand the causes of your foot fatigue in order to achieve relief.

Other factors like age, gender, pregnancy, obesity, leg swelling, increased physical activity, injury, or even improper footwear can also contribute to the feeling of tired feet.

Some at-home solutions you can try to alleviate sore and tired feet include:

  • Elevating your feet

  • Wearing arch-supporting orthotics and proper-fitting shoes

  • Soaking your feet

  • Massaging feet
  • Doing Arch strengthening exercises
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Limit alcohol, sugar, and caffeine consumption
  • Maintaining a healthy weight and diet

What if I continue to have tired feet?

pain free tired feet

If your pain continues to persist there may be more to your achy feet:  It is important to see a doctor to evaluate the cause.

At Foot Healthcare, we can help diagnose the cause of your foot fatigue and give many options and solutions to alleviate that annoying and sometimes debilitating feeling.

Seeing thousands of patients at Foot Healthcare over the last 30+ years, our Practice offers things like custom orthotics, bracing, and detailed treatment plans to help get you better!

trilok ankle brace for feetorthotic therapy to help tired feet

exercising for healthier feetcorrect fitting shoes to fight foot fatigue

You don’t have to live with tired feet.  Call us today to set up a consultation to help resolve your foot or ankle problem!

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Most of the services we provide and the conditions associated with tired feet are covered by most major insurances.  So please don’t wait to resolve your ankle or foot pain:  Our doctors are waiting to help you change your life!