The solution you choose to clean your wound with can make all the difference in terms of whether your wound will heal or not.   There are many different solutions and sprays on the market that you can choose from.


A recent article in the Journal of Advances in Skin and Wound Care found that one wound cleanser appeared superior to all others.   This study found that Neutrophase was a superior wound cleanser, killing bacteria in less than 1 minute with low toxicity.


An ideal wound cleansing solution should be non-toxic to the fragile dermal and epidermal cells that must replicate to close the wound.  In addition the wound cleanser should help reduce the bio-burden by killing the bacteria on the wound that can often prevent or slow down the healing.  For most, sterile saline is a great cleanser that is readily available at most drug stores. However, for wounds or ulcers that may be taking longer to heal one should consider the more advanced wound cleansers. One should avoid tap water since it may not be “as clean” as you think.


The doctors at FHA Dr. Belken, Dr. Josey,  Dr. Martins, Dr. Mozen and myself,  Dr. Barnett are all committed to providing the best products and care to our patients with diabetic ulcers as well as difficult to heal traumatic wounds. 


There are many reasons why foot and ulcer wounds/ulcers may not be healing as quickly as they should. If you have questions about your wound or about our exciting diabetic ulcer research study  please email me directly at, or set up appointment at Foot Healthcare Associates by calling 248-258-0001. You can also visit our website at



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