Signs of Flat Feet

Early Signs of Flat Feet Detectable in Children

Children are in a constant state of growth and development, and they often require frequent shopping trips to purchase items that will fit their growing bodies. Shoes often fall into this list of necessities, and with the purchase of new shoes parents should also keep in mind the necessity of proper foot health and signs of flat feet.

Children in particular are prone to developing flat feet, a condition characterized by an abnormal collapse of the arch while standing.  In addition, certain sports and physical activities may become difficult for children with flat feet. If you suspect that your child has the condition, speak to one of our podiatrists at Foot HealthCare Associates. Our doctors will answer any of your foot and ankle related questions and attend to all of your podiatric needs.

What are Signs of Flat Feet?

Flat feet are a condition in which the arch of the foot is depressed and the sole of the foot is almost completely in contact with the ground. Standing about 20-30% of the population generally has flat feet because their arch never formed during growth.

Parents can watch for early signs of flat feet in children. These signs include a flat foot arch at age 5 or older, heels that tend to angle outward when seen from the back, clumsiness during activity or early leg fatigue, or foot, knee or ankle pain during or after activity or the middle of the night.

Flat Foot Disadvantages, Conditions & Problems:

  • Mobility: Having flat feet makes it difficult to run or walk because of the stress placed on the ankles.
  • Alignment: The general alignment of your legs can be disrupted, because the ankles move inward which can cause major discomfort.
  • Knees: Flat feet can be a contributor to arthritis in the knee area.

Symptoms to be concerned about include:

  • Pain around the heel or arch area
  • Trouble standing on the tip toe.
  • Swelling around the inside of the ankle.
  • Flat look to one or both feet.
  • Having your shoes feel uneven when worn

Flat Feet Treatment Available

If you are experiencing pain and stress on the foot, you may weaken the posterior tibial tendon, which runs around the inside of the ankle. If you have any questions, contact one of the best podiatrists in Livonia. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot care needs.