lauren-smithFor Lauren Smith, her walk with faith is very important in her life. To give back to her community, Smith has been organizing the Walking by Faith Shoes Drive with her church for the past few months. Smith distributed flyers with fellow volunteers and received an overwhelming response, collecting about 500 pairs of donated shoes.
“It’s amazing how many people donated so far,” Smith said, “It’s shown that people are really generous and they want to serve the community too.” The drive’s giveaway has no expectations or guidelines for anyone attending, as Smith’s only hope is that those who come will find what they need. “We just want people to know that we’re here if they need us,” Smith said, “This isn’t for us, it’s for them.”
Wearing properly fitted shoes can serve to prevent injuries and adverse conditions to your legs and feet. Dr. Neal Mozen of Foot Health Care Associates can help size your feet and provide recommendations on the best exercise footwear for your feet so they remain healthy and can provide care should you develop any foot problems.
Getting the Right Shoe Size
There are many people that wear shoes that are ill-fitting, which affects their feet and posture. Selecting the right shoes is not a difficult process so long as you keep several things in mind when it comes to selecting the right pair.

  • When visiting the shoe store, use the tools available to measure your foot
  • When measuring your foot with your shoe on, add 1-2 inches to the size
  • Be sure there is ‘wiggle room’. There should be about an inch between your toes and the tip of your shoes
  • Do not always assume you are the same size, as manufacturers run differently
  • Purchase shoes later in the day as your feet swell as the day progresses
  • If a shoe is not comfortable, it is not suitable. Most shoes can’t be ‘broken in’, and comfort should be the ultimate goal when it comes to choosing the right pair of shoes

As our feet hold our body weight and keep us moving, it is important to treat your feet right by choosing the right pair of shoes that can provide them comfort and mobility with minimal pain.
If you have any questions feel free to contact one of our offices which are located in Southfield, MI, Livonia, MI, and Novi, MI.  We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot and ankle injuries.
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