prevent sore feetTraveling during the holidays can put a lot of stress on your poor feet. Running to catch planes, chasing down taxis, standing in lines, or just sitting in ill-fitting shoes during an 18-hour trip can have them throbbing and sore by the day’s end. Learn more about the proper way to care for your feet during holiday travels and prevent sore feet.

Prevent Sore Feet

Start any trip with a good foot bath and massage. This will increase circulation and clear away dead skin and dirt or perspiration that could lead to bacterial infections during your long commute. After the bath, run over this checklist to make sure you are prepared for traveling during the holidays, and you will be able to prevent sore feet.
● Don’t Wear New Shoes. It’s better to travel in older, broken-in shoes that won’t leave blisters on your feet or pinch your toes while you climb stairs or run to catch that flight.
● Provide Air Flow. Wear shoes that breathe to reduce sweating and slippage that could lead to blisters and skin burns due to the interior rubbing on soft skin.
● Leave the Heels at Home. Flat slip-ons or sandals are better for the foot than heels while standing in long lines or staying on your feet for long lengths of time.
● Don’t Leave Home Unprepared. Take a first-aid kit with band-aids, blister pads, toenail clippers and other necessities you may find yourself in need of while away from home.
● Stay Hydrated During the Trip. You can reduce inflammation and swelling in your feet and ankles by drinking water to increase circulation. This aids in blood flow and improves toxin removal to keep feet feeling comfortable during long hours in traffic or on a long flight.
● Don’t Cross Your Legs. Crossed legs have reduced circulation. If you feel like you have to change positions, pull your legs to your chest, one knee at a time. Hold there briefly before allowing your feet to return to the floor.
● Kick Back. Whenever possible, elevate your feet to reduce any pressure on them. This can really help prevent sore feet.

Get a Checkup

If something doesn’t feel right or if it has just been a while, think about stopping by Michigan Podiatry to schedule an appointment. At Michigan Podiatry, we provide routine examinations that help our patients stay healthy, especially if they plan on traveling during the holidays. We are a full-service clinic that provides routine examinations, services for the entire family, surgery, and even emergency care. Don’t take your foot health for granted. Call to schedule an appointment today.