proper walking techniquePracticing Proper Walking Technique Can Reduce Foot Injuries

Walking is an activity and exercise that comes naturally. However, many people are prone to developing detrimental walking habits that can lead to problems. Proper walking technique can help you to avoid injuries to your foot and ankles.

Proper Walking Technique

To promote proper walking technique, ensure that your shoes provide enough support but also allow your feet to “breathe”. You should walk with the head up and the back straight. We also recommend that you start on even ground and work up to hills later. In addition, cooling down after walking is important for your health. Stretching exercises and walking at a slower pace are great ways to cool down.

Exercise Your Feet

Similarly, exercising the feet and ankles regularly is a great way to prevent injuries. Exercises for your feet can help you to gain strength, mobility and flexibility in your feet. Some say that strengthening your feet can be just as rewarding as strengthening another part of the body. Your feet are very important and often we forget about them in our daily tasks. But it is because of our feet that are we able to get going and do what we need to. For those of us fortunate enough to not have any foot problems, it is an important gesture to take care of them to ensure their good health in the long run.

Some foot health exercises you should include in your regimen are ankle pumps, tip-toeing, toe rise, lifting off the floor doing reps and sets, and also flexing the toes and involving the shins may help too.

Foot Fitness Doctors

It is best to speak with a doctor regarding how to do these fitness steps and how often is right for you. Everyone’s needs and bodies are different and it varies from individual to individual to determine what should be done for you to maintain strength in your feet. Once you get into a routine of doing regular exercise, you may notice a difference in your feet and how strong they may become.

Talk to one of the best podiatrists in Livonia to learn more about proper walking technique. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot care needs.