chronic ingrown toenail

Onychocryptosis: How Do I Stop My Chronic Ingrown Toenail

The sight and pain of an ingrown toenail can result in missed social events and family time. Michigan Podiatry understands that you need relief and a cure, and we are here to help. Below, we have provided some basic information on what causes chronic ingrown toenail problems, preventative measures you can take, and the physical signs that mean you may need to come see us.

What Causes Chronic Ingrown Toenail?

Unfortunately, this condition affects up to 20% of podiatry patients and can result in drainage, odors from infections, inflammation, and tissue hypertrophy around the nail.

Chronic ingrown toenail condition can be created by several factors:

  • Improper foot hygiene
  • Improper trimming
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Trauma or repetitive injury
  • Hyperhidrosis

Preventing Chronic Ingrown Toenail in the Future

Feet are busy! They need some TLC sometimes, and when they don’t get it, they can suffer in the long run. Take these steps and precautions to make sure your feet get the love they need.

Proper Hygiene and Trimming

Before trimming nails and cuticles, try soaking your feet to soften the cuticle bed while loosening rough, dead skin. Use a loofah or cloth to wash your feet, removing dirt and dead skin. Allow to soak for about five minutes, then push the cuticle bed back but never so far that it bleeds because this can lead to infection.
Dry your feet and toes, then cut the nail straight across, instead of in a curved line to avoid chronic ingrown toenails. You can file rough edges down with an emery board. You should never allow your nails to overhang the toe, nor should they be cut back to the quick, staying between 1/16th to 1/8th of an inch long.

Trauma or Repetitive Injury

On this topic, please contact us or stop by one of our locations to set an appointment. We may have to take additional steps to ensure your health and wellbeing.

Genetic Predisposition and Hyperhidrosis

Children have been known to inherit their ingrown nails from their parents. Another genetic condition is hyperhidrosis, the condition that causes profuse sweating in the palms and feet. In treating this condition, sufferers should wash daily with an antibacterial soap, apply an antifungal powder to clean, dry feet, and wear socks with natural fiber blends.

When Do You Need to Come See Us?

Are you in need of foot doctors in Howell MI? In general, any pain, swelling, discoloration, infections, bad odors, or physical discomfort is a reason to come see a professional at Michigan Podiatry in Howell, MI. So contact us today if you have nail issues.