3D print shoesSOLS, a New York-based startup, specializes in creating personalized 3D-printed insoles that act as correctors for sizing. SOLS is now interested in creating custom-built, 3D-printed footwear for customers as well. SOLS’s technology involves a customer taking photos of each of their feet from three different angles. The company then models them digitally before printing the shoes to match the customer’s foot.
Getting the right shoe size is important for overall foot health. If you have any concerns about shoe size, please contact one of our podiatrists from Foot HealthCare Associates. Our doctors will answer any of your foot and ankle questions.

Getting the right shoe size with 3D print shoes

Sometimes it may be difficult finding the right shoe size because shoe sizes tend to vary depending on the brand and company you are considering. A size 6 for one brand may be a size 7 in another. Although many people know their exact shoe size, shoe size can vary within two sizes depending on where they shop.
When shoe shopping, it is best to try on the shoe and walk around for a bit to see how it fits and how it feels. Comfort is essential and the shoe must fit well, as ill-fitting shoes can lead to blisters, bruises at the back of the ankle and can also hurt the toes if the shoe is too tight.
Shopping online for shoes can be very tricky and time consuming, especially since you cannot try on the shoe or see how it fits or how it feels.
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