Study Provides New Noveon Efficacy Data

Nomir Medical Technologies is pleased to announce the publication of a new white paper that reports the findings of a Retrospective Study conducted in 2011. The study was designed to examine long term results seen from using Noveon Laser under normal practice conditions.

Some highlights from the study:

  • 95% of patients saw improvement in their onychomycosis condition
  • 87% reduction in the number of toes assigned a score of ‘severe’ disease
  • 32% of toes achieved a ‘complete cure’ (meaning no visible sign of disease)
  • No adverse effects were reported

The Retrospective Study included data from 199 onychomycosis patients. Patients exhibited varying degrees of disease from mild to severe. Patient data was compiled voluntarily by 12 doctors operating independently in different practice locations. 

The following graphs show the dramatic reduction in disease levels as a result of Noveon treatments. Where 83.4% of toes were rated ‘severe’ or ‘moderate’ before treatment, only 22.7% of toes received those ratings after treatment.

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