Frequently Asked Questions

spacers ankle instability

Will I feel the implant in my foot?

As long as the implant does not displace, you should not be able to feel Hyprocure after the procedure. for the first few months sometimes a hard substance may be felt in the area ot the surgery. This is scar tissue anJ bnoutd dissipate after several months, if present at all.

After the EOTTS with the procedure, will I need to be Pre-medicated prior to dental treatment or other future sugical procedures?

The stent is not embedded into the bone, so you should not need to pre-medicate prior to dental or other surgical procedures unless there are pre-existing reasons. Check with your health care provider.

Will this implant get rid of all of the pains in my body?

This solution should help improve your body’s alignment. Therefore, pain caused by the foot imbalance will also be reduced or eliminated. However, it is possible that some joints and soft tissues may have already suffered irreversible damage and other procedures may be necessary.  ln either case, correcting the root of the problem is still essential to stopping any further damage and allowing for any additional therapies to be long-lasting.

Will I still have to wear my arch supports after the procedure?

Orthotics may still be required after the procedure.  Orthotics can be used to support other parts of the foot.

Do both feet need to be realigned for EOTTS with implants to be effective?

Yes’ if both feet need to be stabilized.  Compare it to the tires on your car. If you only balance the tires on one side, it would have a negative impact on the alignment. The same goes for your feet.

However, it is generally recommended to correct one foot at a time, when possible.

ls there drilling or screwing involved in the procedure?

There is no drilling or screwing involved with the EOTTS procedure.

A small incision is made below the outer ankle bone and the stent simply slides into place. The threads on the stent are only there to allow the tissue to anchor it in place during the healing process.

Are there any limitations after the procedure?

Once the tissues surrounding the stent are healed, there should be no limitation.

lf this procedure is performed on a child, does it have to be replaced later in life?

If the most common adult size is placed into a child’s foot, then it is unlikely it will have to be replaced upon maturity.

What are the chances of having an allergic reaction to this implant?

The stents are made of medical-grade titanium, which is the least reactive in the human body.  Some patients develop what appears to be an allergic reaction, but this could be the result of pre-existing chronic inflammation of the foot (synovitis)

How soon can I return to sports, running or jogging?

Implants take a minimum of 4-6 weeks to become anchored within the sinus tarsi. Displacement rarely occurs after 6 weeks.  Running or jogging should not be attempted until 6 weeks after the procedure. Ultimately, the final clearance comes from your surgeon.