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Your Foot and Ankle Surgeons, at, have the experience, skill, and dedication to provide you with the best treatment options and surgical results for your condition, including the “Mini-Bunionectomy” for bunions.  As leaders in the surgical correction of bunions, we work hard to inform our patients and help choose the best procedure for you.  Recently social media has been discussing and promoting the concept of minimally invasive (MIS) bunion surgery. Mini or minimal invasive bunion surgery is something that we have been performing for many years. What has changed, more recently, is more advanced equipment and material than in the past. There are a number of surgical supply companies that offer different designs for the types of screws and or plates we can choose to provide you with the best results. For all of our patients, we perform procedures that keep incisions as small and as hidden as possible.

Although our main goals are to eliminate deformity, relieve pain, and enhance function and activity, we strongly believe in “fixing feet beautifully.”  As you know bunions can be unsightly and very painful.  You may already have tried to change your shoe gear, used bunion splints, orthotic therapy, pain creams, padding, or anti-inflammatory medication to alleviate the symptoms.  The good news is that we can review with you all of your treatment options. If we decide that surgery is the best course of treatment, Your doctors at, Foot and Ankle Surgeons, offer the most advanced techniques to minimize your healing time, resolve pain and deformity, and do so with aesthetically pleasing results.

The proper correction of a bunion deformity, with minimal incision (mini bunionectomy) and more

mini bunionectomy

traditional methods, requires that the big toe joint be re-aligned and the bones moved back into a more anatomically correct position.  This involves a surgical osteotomy (essentially cutting through the first metatarsal bone) and then moving the bone to its improved and corrected position.  To help assure that the bone heals in its corrected position, the bone must be held together with special screws and/or plates. Although these screws and/or plates are no longer needed to support the bones once the bone cut heals, (for fractures and bone cuts experience and clinical studies have shown that 6 weeks is required for adequate minimum bone healing);  in general, the screws and or plates do not need to be removed.


mini bunionectomy steps

We have performed many minimally invasive bunion correction procedures (mini bunionectomy). Sometimes we will utilize a hybrid procedure where MIS and traditional methods are utilized.  Some patients, because of the nature of their deformity, may not qualify for a MIS procedure.   You can be confident that Your Foot and Ankle Surgeon, at, will work with you, to recommend the best procedure and provide the best results possible.




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