achilles tendonJunior Galette of the Washington Redskins has recently torn an Achilles tendon while practicing one Wednesday afternoon. At the time of the injury, Galette was only three days away from making his debut in the Redskins’ preseason game with the Baltimore Ravens. Unfortunately, Galette suffered an injury. Coach Jay Gruden shared that the team was “very concerned,” about the seriousness of Galette’s injury. Fullback Darrel Young commented, “I just heard him scream, and then they were checking him after that. It didn’t look good.”
Achilles tendon injuries can be very painful. If you believe you are having problems with your Achilles tendon, consult with one of our podiatrists from Foot HealthCare Associates. Our doctors can treat your foot and ankle needs.

What is the Achilles Tendon?

The Achilles tendon is a tendon that connects the lower leg muscles and calf to the heel of the foot. It is the strongest tendon in the human body and is essential for making movement possible. Any tendon injuries, however, can create serious difficulty.

What are the symptoms of an Achilles Tendon Injury?

There are various types of injuries that can affect the Achilles tendon. The two most common are Achilles tendinitis and ruptures of the tendon.

Achilles Tendinitis Symptoms

– Inflammation
– Dull to Severe Pain
– Increased blood flow to the tendon
– Thickening of the tendon
Rupture Symptoms
– Extreme pain and swelling in the foot
– Total immobility

Treatment and Prevention

Achilles tendon injuries are diagnosed by a thorough physical evaluation, which can include an MRI. Treatment involves rest, physical therapy, and in some cases, surgery. However, various preventative measures can be taken to avoid these injuries, such as:
– Thorough stretching of the tendon before and after exercise
– Strengthening exercises like calf raises, squats, leg curls, leg extensions, leg raises, lunges, and leg presses
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