telehealth during covid-19

How MD Offices Are Transitioning to Telehealth During COVID-19

Everything from routine doctor visits and dental check-ups to vision and podiatrist appointments is now possible through telehealth. Although stay-at-home and social distancing guidelines are loosening or lifting throughout the U.S., the convenience and simplicity of virtual appointments may mean telehealth is a trend that is here to stay.

Keep reading to learn more about telehealth and what you can expect if your healthcare provider is implementing appointments by phone or video to replace or supplement in-person visits.

COVID-19 Made Telehealth a Necessity

In recent months, many M.D. offices transitioned to telehealth appointments out of necessity. Concerns about coronavirus transmission meant doctors needed to find a way to connect with patients without seeing them in-person and risking virus exposure to the doctor or the patient. As doctors and other medical professionals turned to phone or virtual appointments, it became clear that, in many cases, telehealth between doctors and patients could serve as a good substitute for the real thing.

Particularly for routine check-ups, follow-up appointments, and prescription refills, doctors can easily meet the minimal standards of care with a telemedicine approach. More in-depth medical services, such as diagnosis and even checking for COVID-19 symptoms, are possible with a real-time video chat or call.

While some M.D. offices have dabbled in telehealth over the years, nearly all offices have had to learn to adjust and adapt to this new way of caring for patients. Without telehealth, it’s possible that far too many patients would not have the medical attention they need during the pandemic.

What to Expect from a Telehealth Visit

The type of telehealth visit you and your doctor choose determines how the process will work. Videoconferencing allows you to see your doctor face-to-face and may provide more opportunities for diagnosis and personalized care. You can feel safe knowing your doctor will use videoconferencing technology that protects your privacy.

If your appointment is a call instead of a video, your doctor will have specific questions to ask to determine your current condition and needs without personally assessing visible symptoms. Be prepared to offer as many details as you can about your symptoms and experience to help the doctor deliver the care you need.

TeleHealth Is Available at Foot HealthCare Associates

Like other doctors’ offices throughout the state of Michigan, Foot HealthCare Associates has been committed to meeting our patients’ podiatry needs, even amid the pandemic and shelter-in-place orders. We quickly transitioned to offering telehealth—via video and phone—for our existing patients when appropriate.

Fortunately, most major insurance providers are offering benefits to cover telehealth, so patients can continue to receive the care and medical advice they need during this unprecedented time. Through these appointments, our podiatrists can help patients with many of their foot and ankle-related questions and concerns.

Schedule your telehealth appointment with Foot HealthCare Associates now. Call 248-258-0001 to get started. Our caring Michigan podiatrists are committed to providing telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure you have the foot and ankle care you need.