runnersDonovin Darius, a former NFL player who had once been the defensive back for the Jacksonville Jaguars, claims that he maintained his agility through three main types of exercises.
The first, he says, involves toe curls, which can be done when sitting to strengthen your ankles or when standing so that you support your entire weight with your toes, strengthening calf muscles. The second exercise is meant to shorten the amount of time it takes for your nervous system to send signals for movement to your leg muscles. For this Darius recommends Machine Guns, which is basically running in place for sets of 15-20 seconds. Finally, he suggests training your feet by using a quick foot ladder, a piece of equipment often utilized by professional athletes.
It’s important to exercise your feet and legs whether you’re an athlete or not. Visit a podiatrist like Dr. Neal Mozen of Foot HealthCare Associates for advice on how to keep your feet in good shape.
Exercise for Your Feet
Exercise for your feet can help you to gain strength, mobility and flexibility in your feet. They say that strengthening your feet can be just as rewarding as strengthening another part of the body. Your feet are very important and often we forget about them in our daily tasks. But it is because of our feet that are we able to get going and do what we need to. For those of us fortunate not to have any foot problems, it is an important gesture to take care of them to ensure its good health in the long run.
Some foot health exercises can include ankle pumps, tip-toeing, toe rise, lifting off the floor doing reps and sets, also flexing the toes and involving the shins may help too. It is best to speak with your doctor regarding how to do these fitness steps and how often is right for you. Everyone’s needs and bodies are different and it varies from individual to individual to determine what should be done for you to maintain strength in your feet.
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