Foot or Ankle Injury? Help Reserve Hospital Resources!

broken ankle

  • Your Foot and Ankle Surgeons at Foot Healthcare Associates Remain Open for your Urgent and Emergent Foot and Ankle injuries
  • Your Foot and Ankle Surgeon Remain Open and Available to help relieve your Foot and Ankle Pain
  • Board Certified Foot and Ankle Surgeons, who are experts in treating all issues related to any foot or ankle injury
  • Our offices have all the resources, with compassionate staff and physicians,  to effectively treat ALL Foot and Ankle Injuries, Emergencies or Urgent conditions
  • In-Office X-rays and Ultrasound allow for thorough Diagnosis and Expedited Treatments
  • Four Locations to Serve Patients throughout the Michigan Area
  • We adhere to the strictest cleanliness and sterility standards, as well as carefully spaced scheduling, to minimize the risk of any exposure and allow for CDC recommended Social and Physical Distancing
  • Foot FractureWe accept all major insurances in Michigan

Avoid the Risk of Hospitals or Emergency Rooms, and Help Reserve Hospital Resources for those being treated for COVID-19

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