Finally a fat pad pain solution is available in the Detroit Area!!

Dr. Neal Mozen- first Board-Certified Podiatric Foot Surgeon in Michigan trained by Dr. Suzanne Levine, a pioneer in foot fat pad solutions with dermal fillers.

This advanced treatment of fat pad pain involves placing a dermal filler into the bottom
of the foot. This solution is absorbable and promotes the formation of your body’s own
collagen to cushion the bottom of your feet over uncomfortable & painful boney prominences.

For years this in-office fat pad pain solution procedure has proven effective & safe in providing
immediate relief of foot pain:
Out East, they call it “Foot Pillows”.
Out West they call it “Sole Cushions”.
…Here in the Detroit area, we call it the “Sole-Fill”.

This Ball of foot pain solution can provide relief and benefits for a lifetime for most patients.

Sole-Fill™ is an exciting, in-office procedure that uses biocompatible absorbable material to fill below the skin. It is especially helpful in removing pain in areas where there is less fat or prominent bony areas on the foot, such as the ball of the foot.

In our office, our doctors are well trained on the indications and they will tailor a treatment plan for you. Dr. Mozen is a member of the International Aesthetic Foot Society and was trained by the founder of the procedure, Dr. Suzanne Levine.
Our office is the only office in the entire state of Michigan that offers the treatment solution for fat pad pain.

The material used for the Sole-Fill™ procedure is biocompatible and can provide long-term benefits of diminished or completely resolved pain for the majority of patients. With subsequent treatments, pain relief and cushioning will often last much longer. Patients have had extremely great success with the Sole-Fill™ procedure as they are able to get relief without surgery and begin to enjoy the shoes and activities they LOVE!

Sole-Fill™  – Common Questions & Answers:

1. What material is used in Sole-Fill™?
– Safe biocompatible absorbable material that promotes the foot’s own collagen repair and enhances your body’s ability to create more cushioning on the bottom of your foot. It has been in use successfully since 1999.
2. What is the cost of the procedure?
– Anywhere from $900- $1200 per foot, depending on how much material is needed.
3. Who can have the Sole-Fill™ procedure?
– Healthy adults without known contraindication to the injection material.
4. What is the procedure, exactly?
-A sub-dermal filler injection
5. How long does the treatment last?
-By promoting the body’s own collagen repair, Sole-Fill™ will provide life-long benefits of diminished or completely resolved pain for the majority of patients.  A small percentage of patients may require a second treatment in one to two years in order to achieve the long-term benefit of the procedure.

When would you like to set up an appointment to speak to the doctor about this exciting new option in resolving your foot pain? call 248-258-0001 to schedule your appointment!