broken ankleA severe case of turbulence on an easyJet flight from London’s Gatwick airport to Milan’s Malpensa airport injured two flight attendants, with one breaking an ankle and the other sustaining serious bruises. According to the air accident report, the Airbus A320 had started experiencing some turbulence in a clear sky as it descended toward the Italian airport. Medical staff had been arranged to meet the flight crew upon arrival in Milan, and the two injured crew members were immediately taken to the hospital where they were diagnosed.
To ensure that a broken ankle completely heals, treatment should be sought right away. For assistance, see one of our podiatrists from Foot HealthCare Associates. Our doctors will attend to all of your foot and ankle needs.

Broken Ankles

The ankle consists of three bones- the tibia, the fibula, and the talus. The tibia and the fibula are the two bones that connect to your knees. They sit directly above the talus bone, which is protected by a fibrous membrane and allows slight movement in the ankle joint. A break usually occurs in one of these bones after the foot is twisted too far, a strong impact like jumping from a great height, or repeated stresses like running.


If you suffer an ankle injury, it is essential that you receive a correct diagnosis. One of the first signs that the ankle is broken is an inability to put any weight on it. There will often be severe bruising and swelling at the sight of the injury. Your doctor may also order an x-ray be taken to determine the exact location and extent of the injury.


Without proper care, a broken ankle may not heal properly and could cause arthritis and instability later in life. Therefore, seeking proper treatment is essential to making a full recovery.
There a number of steps you can take to accelerate the healing process however. Elevating your feet above your head and icing the ankle can reduce pain and swelling.
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