childrens-feet9Because of the charity of the Free Masons of Alabama, 100 foster children will have shoes for the season. Teaming up with fellow organizations within the area, the Masons partook in an annual project that focuses on providing footwear for children in need.
Thankfully, the effort has received enough financial backing to allow the drive to take place. “Some of our families, they have six to eight children,” said Kim Mashego, director of the Shelby County Department of Human Resources, of the foster homes. “[The shoe fitting] assists them to being able to meet the needs of the children in the home.”
Keep your kids’ feet healthy and visit podiatrist Dr. Neal Mozen of Foot HealthCare Associates. Dr. Mozen can provide advice as well as keep your child’s feet in good shape.
How to Keep Your Child’s Feet Healthy
Throughout childhood, it is crucial for children to have and maintain good health and proper care of their feet. With good foot health starting at an early age, foot problems and diseases can be prevented in the future. As children continue to develop so do their feet, and require different techniques of care and maintenance.
Even though babies do not begin walking until later stages, their feet should be taken care of properly:

  • Stay away from socks that are too tight for your baby’s feet. This can cause pain and decrease circulation
  • Encourage your baby to move their feet as much as possible so they feel comfortable with them

When your baby begins to learn how to walk, don’t panic if they are unsteady on their feet. Toddlers are just getting used to the way in which their feet work so wobbliness is completely acceptable.
When your child grows out of their toddler years, here are a few steps they should take to stay with good health within their feet:

  • Practice proper hygiene with them
  • Be observant of any injuries that might occur
  • If an injury occurs, get it checked by a doctor

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