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Foot Healthcare Associates

‘MyCarePlan’ Digital Check-in

Foot Healthcare Associates has partnered with Qure4u ‘MyCarePlan’ to provide the clinic with safer and quicker check-in times at the office!

  • Have the app already?   (open the app in your phone or click here to manage your account)
  • How to begin digital check-n?
    • Simply make an appointment with our office.  That’s it!  That’s all you have to do to begin.
    • Once you make an appointment, you will receive an email invitation from Qure4u to begin the digital check-in registration using the MyCarePlan app.
    • Click on the link found within the email sent to you to begin your activation.
    • Follow the directions after clicking on the link to begin the Foot Healthcare digital check-in!
    • Confirm your identity by entering the phone number you provided for your account.
    • Select a username/Password/and security question (PW must be eight characters long)
    • You will now be logged in and should see any outstanding activity you need to complete!
    • Once you create your login information, you can always manually download the “MyCarePlan” app from either the Google Play store or the Apple store if you need to re-install the app or upgrade to another phone!
    • Forgot your password?  click here

foot healthcare Qure4u Digital Check-in


About the Foot Healthcare digital check-in through Qure4u:

MyCarePlan is a personal self-care app that will help you

prepare for your appointments with your providers.



Fill out forms, sign documents and pay your copay from home. This will speed up your check-in process at the office and save you time.


If you are scheduled for a procedure then you can follow instructions in the app and it will tell you step-by-step what you need to do at home to prepare.



If your doctor wants to know more about how you are doing at home, then you can use the app to share vitals and observations about your health. This gives your doctor better insight in your health and helps you to get the best treatment and advice.



Whether you have a question for your doctor, the nurse or any other staff members you can easily send a secure message to the office using the app.


When you send a message, it is sent in a closed and secure environment to the office and you will be notified instantly when a reply is available.


If your doctor is sending you a message, for instance, with lab results this also appears on the app where you can read it right away.


No more waiting on the phone trying to get through to the office – you can now message securely with your doctor from your phone.



It is one thing to have an overview of the tasks that one should complete to stay healthy – it is another to remember them all!


This is where your personal To-Do list comes into play. This tool shows you what tasks you have to do as well as when and sends you a notification to remind you when it is time.


The To-Do list is based on the data in your Care Plan and combines all of your information, such as doctor appointments and medication refills, in one platform to make it convenient and easy to remember the important things about your health.


Whether it is to remind you to take your medication, exercise or monitor your vitals, an automatic notification will be sent to you ten minutes prior to the hour that the task is due.



If you are visiting a new doctor you can share your medical records by showing the doctor your Health Card on the app.


The Health Card can be used by any doctor worldwide and is a secure and easy way for you to bring your medical records with you wherever you go.



MyCarePlan works seamlessly with your doctor’s systems and will automatically be updated with data and recommendations from your doctor.


All recommendations from your doctors will automatically appear on the app giving you an overview of when to check in with your health provider, as well as the aspects of your health that you can monitor at home. This includes measuring your blood pressure as well as taking your medication.


When you add data to the app your doctor can access the data making it possible for him to optimize treatment and help you in between office visits

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