The Right Shoe


The Right Shoe   Everyone wants a comfortable running shoe but most do not know the features to look for. People tend to do a process of elimination until they [...]

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Heel Pain in Children


  [typography font="Sunshiney" size="52" size_format="px" color="#b45ed6"]Heel Pain in Children[/typography]   By:  Dr. Sophia Barnett, DPM   [dropcap]K[/dropcap]ids today have many challenges but heel pain should not be one of them.  [...]

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Foot Prints Spring 2013


 for full newsletter- click here Footprints_Spring2013       Running Shoes: Basic Guidelines People run for many different reasons. For some, it gives them a positive energy boost, and it’s [...]

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Our podiatry practice at Foot HealthCare Associates is built on three principles: trust, caring and a commitment to excellence in podiatry. We view the relationship that we have with our patients as a sacred trust. We work hard every day to deserve that trust.

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