Cure an Ingrown Toenail

How Can I Cure an Ingrown Toenail?

Ingrown nails can occur in anyone and are one of the most common foot complaints. They develop when the toenail grows into the nail grooves on either side of the toe. This causes painful swelling, redness, and possibly some odor or drainage. The skin around the nail can also protrude more than the skin around the other nails on the same foot. So, what causes an ingrown toenail, and how do you cure an ingrown toenail?

This condition is often due to wearing too small shoes which place pressure on the toes. The pressure causes the nail to grow in incorrectly. Ingrown nails can also occur from improper nail clipping, heredity, or by repeatedly affecting the same toe during day to day activities.

How Can I Cure an Ingrown Toenail?

Since ingrown nails can occur due to improper clipping, the first step is to start trimming toe nails correctly as soon as possible. There should be about an eighth of an inch of white nail at the top of the toenail after clipping it. The corners should be more square than round.

If the nail or skin around it has already become swollen or irritated, you should soak the affected foot in warm water up to four times a day to cure an ingrown toenail. When not soaking, the foot should be kept dry. And, if shoes have to be worn, they should roomy in the toe area. People with ingrown toe nails should also consider wearing sandals if possible.

Should the nail, or skin around the nail, begin to release a discharge or odor, the corner of the nail that is most embedded can be lifted to insert waxed dental floss or cotton. This will serve to help drain and clean the affected area.

Treating an Infected Toenail

Infections in the foot area can be hard to treat at home. The location of the infection and the need to wear shoes make it difficult to treat. In addition, sweat and constant pressure can aggravate an existing infection. The pressure can create pain and force more bacteria under the infected skin. The best option for curing an infected toe nail is to see a licensed podiatrist who is able to prescribe antibiotics and remove the infected nail.

Contact one of the best podiatrists in Southfield to set up an appointment. Our professionals can help you cure an ingrown toenail and teach you how to prevent one in the future.