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3 Benefits of Choosing Doctors Who Utilize Telemedicine

You may be wondering if you should choose doctors who utilize telemedicine to meet your healthcare needs. For many patients, it’s surprising to realize just how convenient and beneficial it can be to have access to telehealth appointments. During the COVID-19 pandemic, phone and video appointments with doctors have been essential to maintaining the necessary care for patients. However, even in a post-pandemic world, telemedicine will likely continue to serve an important purpose.

Still feeling uncertain about taking advantage of telehealth services? Here are three benefits of receiving care from a physician who uses telemedicine:

#1: Increased Access to Medical Care

In recent months, telehealth has made it possible for patients to see their doctors in the safest way possible without risking the spread of COVID-19. Even outside of the pandemic, appointments via phone and video minimize travel time and distance between patients and their doctors.

There are countless patients in need of medical care who find it too inconvenient, cost prohibitive, or uncomfortable to travel for an appointment. Patients in rural or remote areas are especially likely to skip necessary appointments due to transportation issues and distance. Telehealth makes it possible for all patients to access the care they need from the comfort of home.

#2: Enhanced Delivery of High-Quality Care

Better quality of care should always be the goal of the medical community. Telemedicine offers a way to facilitate optimal outcomes for patients with both mental health and medical conditions. Doctors are able to give patients their full attention during phone and video appointments, enabling them to identify potential health problems and offer individualized care. Common outcomes of a telehealth approach include less need for hospital admissions and a higher level of patient engagement and satisfaction.

#3: Reduced Healthcare Costs

Because telehealth increases the efficiency of care delivery, it reduces healthcare costs. If you’ve ever gone to urgent care or traveled to the hospital in an ambulance, you probably experienced sticker shock once you received the itemized bill. Telemedicine can often prevent these emergency medical situations by providing the necessary interventions when the patients need them, before the issues escalate to urgent matters.

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