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Our practice at Foot HealthCare Associates is built on three principles: trust, caring and a commitment to excellence in podiatry. We believe that every patient has individual needs and deserves individual care.

Our Doctor's and staff enjoy getting to know our patients. At Foot Healthcare, we always make sure that you're fully educated on the nature of your particular foot condition.

We believe strongly, that you have a right to be involved in all decisions regarding what type, where and when foot or ankle care is provided. We work with physicians from all of the major Southfield, Novi, Detroit and Livonia area hospitals. Schedule a convenient time to come in and speak with us right now. Foot HealthCare

Shockwave uses sound waves to treat complications with heel pain. This new technology is often used as an alternative to surgery. Sounds waves are used to break down scar tissue which in turn allows your foot to heal.

Shockwave - therapy

Diabetic - foot ulcers

Heel Pain


Open sores on the feet, also known as foot ulcers, affect many of our diabetic patients. In this brief video, one of our patients describes his battle with ulcers and how we were able to help him overcome the condition.

In the following video on heel pain, Dr. Mozen describes some of the symptoms and signs that you should be aware of that are most commonly associated with painful heels. View the video by clicking the reel below.

Watch the following video about bunions for a brief explanation about how they occur and how to identify them before they become problematic. Click the small video reel below to view the video.

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Our Goal: Total Patient Satisfaction!

Our doctors aren't satisfied with good patient care. We work tirelessly because we want to provide you with excellent patient care. The doctors at Foot HealthCare are highly skilled and are leaders in advanced foot and ankle care in the state of Michigan. Give us a call today, we are here to help you right now.

Whether you are looking for the best foot doctors in Novi, the best foot doctors in Livonia, or the best foot doctors in Southfield, you have discovered the right place! At Foot HealthCare we understand how important it is to provide you with details concerning your care with us. Our help topics section outlines procedures, problems and issues you may be experiencing with your feet or ankles. Many of our patients have found our help section to be extremely valuable at identifying symptoms prior to visiting our office. We hope that you will take advantage of this helpful information as well.

Diagnostic Procedures

Diseases of the Foot

Problems with Toes

Skin Problems & Issues

Nerve Problems

Foot & Ankle Help Topics



Proper Excercise


Achilles Problems

Corns & Blisters

Arch & Ball Problems

Mallet Toes & Intoeing

More help topics for you:

Foot & Ankle Swelling

Nail Problems

Foot Injuries


The podiatrists at Foot HealthCare Associates treat all foot and ankle problems such as: advanced endoscopic gastrocnemius recession surgery, bunions, diabetic foot care, heel pain, ingrown toenails, shockwave therapy for plantar fasciitis, sports medicine therapy, surgical and non-surgical flatfoot treatments, and tri-correctional bunion surgery; in Livonia, Novi & Southfield, MI. We look forward to helping you.

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Learn about common foot and ankle injuries in our video series. We also discuss early warning signs as well as prevention techniques you can use. Click Here

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Heel Pain

Nail Fungus

Sports Injuries

Ingrown Nails

Ankle Problems

We "Cater to Cowards" and are very gentle and do our best to be "pain free".

Flat Feet

Ankle Fractures

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